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About Us

Owner Joshua KerlWhy Choose Chesapeake Thermal Home Inspection?

When you hire Chesapeake Thermal Home Inspection you hire me, Joshua Kerl. I will be the one inspecting on site, generating the report, and talking to you on the phone. I believe this makes for less confusion and simplifies communication. Isn't buying a home already complicated enough?

What is a Thermal Home Inspection?

I bring a Thermal Imaging Camera on all types of inspections I do. I believe it is like carrying a second pair of eyes which allows me to catch some defects that aren't apparent to the naked eye. Drafts, overheating breakers, and roof leaks are not always visible during a typical home inspection. A thermal image is not an X-ray machine, however it offers a huge advantage over a typical visual only inspection.


I have been in the residential construction industry for over 15 years and have been a licensed home inspector since 2008. I have been a part of many projects, from new construction to historic renovation. I have years of experience in framing, siding, roofing, kitchen remodels, bathroom remodels, etc. I've also worked side by side with licensed electricians, plumbers, and HVAC contractors. Aside from home inspection I also have a BPI certification for doing Blower Door and Duct Leakage testing on new homes. I also carry an IAC2 certification for mold testing.